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ZS-MCC in Rukwa

The region’s name comes from Lake Rukwa, which harbors the largest population of crocodiles in the nation and it’s also home for Hippopotamus.

Not only does the area host crocs and Hippo, its very well known for Topi, Albino Giraffe, Elephant, Dark colored Zebra, Eland, Reed buck, Buffalo and even some rare animals like Puku and Shoebill.

The lake covers an area of 2600 square km and sits at an elevation of 2600 feet, the lake lies over the epicentre of an earthquake-prone zone. See where we going with this…….

These conditions make for some interesting flying!

MCC had the honour of sending one of our flagship machines to do Safaris and wildlife photography. Photographer Dallas Hemeyer did a phenomenal job capturing the true essence of the Lake, wildlife, people and our beloved Bell 407 ZS-MCC. cases kmartelfbar


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